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RIB Adventure

Wacky's on the water y'all!!
Wacky Rollers Zodiac RIB Adventure


Our Offerings:

  • RIB Zodiac Champagne Reef Snorkel
  • RIB Zodiac Whale & Dolphin Watch
  • RIB Zodiac Scenic Coastal Ride
  • RIB Zodiac Private Charter - Half Day or Full Day

RIB Zodiac Champagne Reef Snorkel

Experience an exhilarating ride over the waters in a Zodiac RIB power boat, discovering the beauty of Dominica along the way. Perched on the edge of a submerged volcano, Champagne Reef is more than just your average coral reef. It got its name from the bubbles that rise through the seabed to the ocean's surface and as you swim through it, you'll feel bubbles from the volcano jetting past you. The reef itself is Dominica's number one snorkeling hotspot and is among the top five snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. Our PADI certified guides will be at hand to explain what's what.

Your next stop is in the fishing village of Soufriere, where you can marvel at more volcanic activity - bubbling warm springs at the seashore - take a toe dip into the warm waters before Feel the power once more as you fly across the water to Scotts Head. Located on the southern peak, this small peninsular is a mix of stone and sand beach that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you'll be offered a cooling refreshment before heading back to the boat for your return RIB ride.


RIB Zodiac Whale & Dolphin Watch

Dominica is widely becoming known as the whale watching capital of the Caribbean as the waters off the coast are rich in marine life. Hop on your 35 ft Zodiac boat for this adventure in nature in search of whales and dolphins. Travel up to eight miles offshore for the best chance of catching a glimpse of these extraordinary creatures. The boat will stop occasionally to use an underwater hydrophone to listen for animal noises, like the click of sperm whales, the whistling of dolphins, while your guide talks about the different whale and dolphin species along the way. It is said that the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society consultant, Erich Hoity, calls Dominica "the most reliable spot for whale watchers to see sperm whales" but there are no guarantees on Mother Nature.

The high success rate for sightings is a result of the sheltered bays along the coastline that offer perfect conditions for the whales to breed and calve. To aid in your search, your crew will periodically lower a hydrophone into the water to listen for the rhythmic clicking and whistling of whale communication. When they are spotted, the agile nature of the vessel allows the captain to get up close and personal for a unique encounter. Get your camera ready for an awe-inspiring experience quite different from being on a large 90-person boat


Take the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim in the ocean after your encounter. On your return ride, enjoy the views of the dramatic coastline and relax with a complimentary rum punch.

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