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P O Box 900, Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica
West Indies
Tel: 767 440 4FUN (4386)
Fax: 1 208 692 0993

Kayak Tours

, Nature Isle of the Caribbean, is volcanic in origin, with majestic mountains, submerged volcano craters, magnificent waterfalls, mystical boiling lakes, and bubbling hot springs. The island remains literally carpeted with an abundance of tropical flora and flora and inhabited by a diverse species of wildlife. We have listed some of the nature's best kept secrets but ... seeing is believing.

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A Few of Dominica's Nature Highlights
  • - The most popular waterfall in Dominica
  • - another popular Nature Site with a small waterfall and excellent bathing pool.
  • - "little throat hole" is an absolutely fascinating product of nature
  • - features areas of sulphur deposits with hot springs, streaming waters and sulphurous gases.
- established since 1891, it offers an attractive introduction to tropical flora and fauna.

We care about our environment and love sharing our sites. Take photos and memories ....leave only footprints!
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